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Ter Zake, VRT, do 11/12/2014 - 20:22[edit]


a copy on youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zMM5pNo1rc

Brussel Deze Week 2012-06-07[edit]

  • newspaper in Dutch Brussel-deze-week-hsbxl-20120606.png

or as PDF with HSBXL also on the front page! File:HSBXL in BDW1332 on 2012-06-07.pdf

= Al Jazeera 2012-05-24[edit]


or in Google English


Le Soir on 2012-04-27[edit]

  • a newspaper article in French Lesoir 20120427 hsbxl 150.png

hsbxl presentation[edit]

one year ago we used this flyer to present ourselves to the city of schaerbeek and get our fine 'Garage nr 48'

on Brussel Nieuws (local newspaper)[edit]

hackerspaces.org book[edit]

just before 25c3 hackerspaces.org sent out a quick rfi to all hackerspaces -- and compiles those in a nicely layout e-book -- a preliminary version of ours is here

the (e)book is out - grab it here: 163MB zipped'pdf at hackerspaces.org (by Astera and others) -- anybody knows how to reduce resolution & upload a local version here? (max file size 100MB)

Dorkbot BXL talk[edit]

last 19th of Feb we had a talk at dorkbot bxl (by ptr_)

3305511683_f8673c2fc9_m.jpg 3306342318_635dea9dcc_m.jpg 3306342384_7288a2f8d4_m.jpg 3306342426_28abf10d27_m.jpg 3306342486_52ae6fba9c_m.jpg

pics (c) by imal…

Radio panik[edit]

ptr_ is going over to Radio Panik tonight (Wed Feb 11, 2009) for a little talk on hackerspace bxl & our past openwrt hacktivities: Good morning Stallman

zoobab is recording the session automagically -- cut up with mp3split (ptr_): here Note: this still needs to be copied from hsb to voidpointer, but waiting until we can enable 40.5MB file uploads...

Fosdem flyer[edit]






Logo related[edit]

Norbert.svg Fosdem-brain.svg

T-Shirt design[edit]

Norbert bw.png Norbert bw with brains.png

As a pdf file: File:Norbert bw.pdf