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Privacy policy
Privacy policy

We need to brainstorm over this one.

From the website[edit]

We collect the following data from our Visitors:

  • Date and Time,
  • Requested Page,
  • Servercode response,
  • Browser/Operaring System,
  • Page referer,
  • Your IP address.

The data collected is used as a troubleshooting aid when the website goes belly up. The data is not sold, traded or given to third parties.

From the space[edit]

  • Your computer's MAC address and/or host name may appear on Pamela when you connect to the network.
  • Use packet sniffers with care: use it only for debugging and troubleshoot problems with your project, not for spying on others.
  • Use SSL whenever it's possible.
  • There is a caching proxy on port 80 on the LAN: this proxy is used to speed up our internet connectivity. It will retain the requested pages for (figure out current setup cache age). The cache is set up on an encrypted partition on the server.
  • The logfiles on The Gate are kept for 4 weeks and then get destroyed for performance reasons.

Common sense and good practice[edit]

This is valid anywhere in and out of the space

  • Make backups (really, MAKE BACKUPS) of your machine(s) and keep them at home or somewhere else.
  • We strongly recommend that you use full disk crypto. (TrueCrypt, LUKS,...)
  • Windows users: make sure you have an up to date antivirus, and make sure it works. Use the EICAR test file
  • Use strong passwords
  • Be careful where you type your passwords: it is wise to consider a machine that don't belong to you as untrusted and potentially compromised.

Official duties[edit]

If you, as a member, want to volunteer to become a board member and do some official duties, we will need some more personal data about you:

  • real name,
  • current address,
  • birth date and birth place,
  • national registration number,
  • current occupation.

Those informations will be published in the Moniteur Belge/Belgische Staatsblad to reflect our current situation and will be searchable on Banque Carrefour Des Entreprises. From that point, it's out for all to see. This is a legal obligation in Belgium.