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These patterns (formerly known as rules) give you an idea how you should behave at HSB, please read along & try to implement them.


We accept patches
In real-life, as with code, all is dynamic and up to change-- don't complain, make the change.
Yes, you can
Any member wanting to work on a project, making use of infrastructure of the HSBxl, can assume a YES, GREAT (unless the project is (bio-)hazardous, damaging the infrastructure, or bluntly illegal under Belgian law).
28 days later
Objects can be tagged with post-it papers, denoting the date of last_use -- any object not used for 28 days can, and probably, will be removed, destructed, harvested for components or given away (discussed and decided upon during techtue meeting) -- the same counts for projects: we evaluate after 28 days if they are worthwhile to maintain.
Elemental axiom
Talking is silver, silence is gold, getting off your lazy butt and doing is rare earth!
Don't panic
As it gets you around in the universe, guess it also counts in our space.