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this page is about preparing/organising the Wbm2009v2

Real Todolist[edit]


  • power splitters / powercables
  • power supply's
  • network cables

  • drinks: jupiler, duvel, club mate, cola, cola light, coffee water -> friday evening, closes at 19u00
  • food: bananas, wouter(friday), will see on saturday
  • take your own sleep matras
  • good luck!



  • published what the network setup should be so people can behore hand setup their nodes:
  • IP
  • username / pass / ssh key
  • a way to gather statistics (for example snmp, syslog) nico suggests wprobe (IP layer 2, wprobe tool) -- visualisation using cacti.net
  • lot's of beer


06/10: irc meeting h 21:00

preliminary schedule all activities take place at okno (http://okno.be/node/194)

  • tuesday: 13th / 19h30: techtuesday at okno ? / welcome nico / checking out tmplab nodes / discuss network setup
  • wednesday: 14th / 19h30 openwrt install party / setup config, management tools
  • thursday: 15th / 19h30 : dev intro to kamikaze ?
  • friday: 16th / 19h30 : telephony/sip reseaucitoyen setup (cedric)?-- hostilewrt dev-hacknight
  • saturday: 17th / 10h : start battle-mesh / finish the install-on-site / start tests
    • saturdayevening: concert at okno
  • sunday: 18th / 10h till 18h

Nodes you can bring[edit]

  • HSB: 18 asus nodes
  • Ninux.org : at least 2 Fonera
  • tmplab +-60 nodes
  • zoobab: 8 foneras
  • <add yours>

We need to divide all the hardware in 3 groups so each protocol has the same hardware: make 3 piles, each consisting of equal hardware (so every pile==protocol gets a mix of hardware) (cfr. the tmplab setup)

  • no, better install the 3 routing protocols at the same time on the machine, and launch them when needed. -- we'll try this out for the test setup... / at okno the nodes probably won't be connected over wired network, so this is very risky imho (ptr_)

Hardware/stuff needed[edit]

  • power extension cables (the more the better)
  • powerstrips (Job should have some?)
  • label machine
  • battery packs

Network setup[edit]

the one at wbm v1:

  • Babel:
  • Batman:
  • OLSR:

the test setup at HSB:

  1. openssh server giving access to wired LAN of the nodes , (ask for a login to pieter at L45.be)
  ssh xxx@wbm2009v2.dyndns.org -p 5042 
  1. 5 nodes (asus WL-HMD), babel installed


  • routing protocols: as the dev are there (zoobab:confirm this), these will change
 the test setup will run on the versions in openwrt downloaded package repository


- what version do we install ?

Kamikaze 8.09.2 (should become the last released version, in development ftm), on a linux 2.6 kernel (babel, batman-adv dependency).

 https://dev.openwrt.org/browser/tags/8.09.2 (not avail yet)

for now: OpenWrt version: Kamikaze (r17574)

 svn co -r 17574  svn://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/trunk/

a way to manage the nodes:[edit]

the space[edit]

IMG_0214.jpg Gamila%2012.jpg 3498.jpg

General info:[edit]