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 Techtuesdays are a social meet-up sort of thing, just walk in for a talk, 
 club-mate, latest news, or to show off your latest pet-project.  
 ... or you can always stay home and read slashdot.
Open door! Come in and say: Hello!
Tue 01 Feb 2011 19:30
HSB, Location

  • clean the space & prepare everything for fosdem lounge
  • do we keep all the tables ?
  • can the unused gigabit switch go to 0x20 ?
  • news article/interview in the mainstream media
  • ...


fosdem lounge: / bytenight[edit]

  • coat hangers
  • get the wifi back in shape
  • music installation with pascal (installation thursday, 16:00),
    • transport needed for installation from pascal's home
    • setup: power needed, lights attachment
  • bar attendance
    • we want a fixed schedule
    • create a doodle like thingy
    • tazo will create
  • flyers ?
    • we need to make
    • sandb can do
    • +/- 200 pieces
    • 3 on 1 A4
  • fosdem
    • friday
      • meetup at 10:00 (in the morning) on friday at hsb, 11h at fosdem
      • the more the merrier!!
      • drop by in the evening if you need to work
      • hans is delivering 3 free crates of club mate for volunteers on friday
    • saturday
      • fosdem ends on 19:00
      • _ptr will be here on 17:00 to welcome early birds
      • 20:00 on the flyer
      • all music will be cc music
    • sunday
      • still fosdem
      • also clean the fcking hackerspace day

clean space[edit]

  • the space is really nice this open/clean right now
  • tazo brings up that the space was in an unacceptable condition
  • michael asked for a meeting on how to plan organising the space
  • we needs spaces for the computers! god damnit!
  • monthly bytenight
  • event for hackerspace design 0.3
    • how is space used
    • do we keep all the tables ?


  • 0x20 might want a table
  • wait until hackerspace 0.3 to see if they are really available

gigabit ethernetswitch[edit]

  • not being used?
  • it is being used!
  • it's silent
  • tazo wants to use it as core switch for ghent
  • must be replaced by small gigabit switch for on the table
    • 8 ports
    • needs to be giga

ipv6 day[edit]

  • 6th of the 6th month 2011
  • no ipv4 on that day
  • event called the 666-party
  • we start at 6 o'clock
  • every 6th of the month, no ipv4
  • first part of the workshop, get everybody running on the network with ipv6
  • it's an event


  • we need a phone nr for the space(s?)
  • we can if we want to
  • wouter looks for this after fosdem
  • one number serves all spaces


  • an accesspoint is missing
  • bad connections now we haz
  • we will need on fosdem, _ptr will look to find one
  • use one of the wbm (asus, openwrt)?
  • remove password - unencrypted for one day on bytenight[edit]

  • contact@ allows receiving "sensitive" questions and no public replies that can be used as e.g. official statements of hackerspace brussels
  • sometimes receives questions from journalists, aspiring members, ...
  • prepare a reply for anybody contacting on contact@
    • eg. journalists asking them for specific info and a high res copy of their presscard, questionaire
    • hack-my-hotmail
    • new member
    • we call this manual auto-reply

news article interview in the mainstrain media[edit]

  • one from "DeTijd", one from "ARTE"
  • beuah