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 Techtuesdays are a social meet-up sort of thing, just walk in for a talk, 
 club-mate, latest news, or to show off your latest pet-project.  
 ... or you can always stay home and read slashdot.
tuesday meeting
Tue 23 Oct 2018 19:00


HSBXL Hackerspace Brussels


CFP: byteweek![edit]

  • the week before FOSDEM (27-01 till 1-02)
  • zeroMQ will probably do a hackathon
  • Tom will ask the kubernetics guys again
  • ask the fosdem mailinglist? (the FOSDEM one)

in 5 weeks techtue 500 (27-11)[edit]

  • do something? ideas?
    • bbq
      • Anita and tomhave gas BBQ's that they can bring
      • Olivier will have a look as well
      • We'll send out a mail to everyone tonight
      • Bring your own meat (BYOM) or vegetarian option (potluck)

all links on techtuemeetings are pointing to the wrong etherpad[edit]

  • We will fix this in the wiki

(Re)start gate blackknight[edit]

  • the metal gate we can not use (permission issue)
  • we will work on the wooden gate (needs securing)
  • Fred will leave the black knight here and wire it up on the bench
  • Vincent will mail ope@ to find who is interested

containerpark run[edit]

  • the red box and the stuff outside
  • glass plates in the back
  • Tom has a trailer, but no way to pull it
    • tom and fred will go around the morning on the 3rd
  • so if you see stuff that can go to the containerpark, please put it in the hallway next to teh cigaret machine


  • Wouter did a small analysis of the books. He will share it if you want.
    • He did some pivot tables and added some graphs to show at the GA
    • It is not done yet.
  • organise bbb again?


  • next colruyt run we will get some pizzas and peanuts again
  • we have an xtra account from hsbxl, lets use it
    • Vincent will do some Colruyt shopping before the GA

Who are the 'holy seven'?[edit]

  • board
    • tom
    • fred
    • wouter
  • Voting members
    • Jurgen
    • anita
    • Denis
    • hugo

FOSDEMx @ ULB 13-11-2018 18:00 about infosec[edit]