Introduction to audio-electronics part3/4

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Introduction to audio-electronics part3/4
Wed 27 Jun 2018 19:00
till Wed 27 Jun 2018 0:00
Introduction to audio-electronics part3 of 4
Yet another Hsb Meetup!
HSB Brussels,Belgium

This four-piece seminar-series is meant to teach some of the underlying principles of audio-amplification, frequency-filtering and signal-processing that apply to amplifiers, guitar stompboxes and microphone preamps. During this course you will be introduced to the fundamental building blocks of analog circuits (resistors, capacitors, transistors and op-amps), learn how to distinguish circuit-building blocks and how to apply some simple calculators for frequency-filtering. Lastly, we'll dissect some schematics to understand the function of each and every component. The workshop will conclude with a 'practical' involving the building of your own DIY distortion- or fuzz pedal, for which kits will be supplied. The supply of these is limited, so make sure you sign up timely.

-Basic knowledge of electronics is useful, but I'll try to accommodate all attendees -Some mathematics might be introduced, but they'll be approached from a pragmatists' perspective

Part 3. (Wednesday 19:00 - 21:00 --- 27/06/2018---) This course we’ll look at the filters we could think up with the knowledge of our last course. Resistor-capacitor networks will be discussed, and basic calculations for cutoff-frequencies will be demonstrated. Secondly, fundamental building blocks of audio circuits are on the program: Buffer stages, gain stages, clipping stages, frequency filters and power supplie