General Assembly 7

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General Assembly 7
Tue 27 Jan 2015 19:00
till Wed 28 Jan 2015 0:00
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General Assembly
General Assembly
HSBXL Brussels,Belgium
your membership if you're late payer
all members (and _only members..)


HSBXL-NNG Rue du moulin 40, Saint-josse-ten-noode


listen live :






    member-count & opening meeting  (required = ???) (21/58? is low rate... )

    LIVE audio stream:

01. netrunner 
02. askarel
03. seb
04. margarita 
05. gilles 
06. tom
07. ptr_
08. marthe 
09. simon
10. ugo
11. nino 
12. wouter
13. Olm-e (following online ok?ok)
14. Jurgen
15. mattias (mab)
16. paul
17. Alex
18. Koen
19. friedger
20. Jonny
21. madprog
* bookkeeping : discuss 2014 spreadsheet  (hsbxl-2014-books.ods projected on the wall) 
  - monthly meetings : first tuesday of the month 
  - announce in advance on the Kitchen-ML, publish results afterwards
  - all ok with the books & financial decsions taken : Y 
>> the books have been approved  (ouf ! :p)
* board /   right now 






    Define utilisation (who put this here?)

    there is a kitchen mailing list (KML)

    Send an opt-in for the KML to every member

    here's your opt-in:

    Relationship with owner

    not great (we recieved a nasy email at the end of 2014 .. he is threatening legal action) > do we have a lawyer ?

    flexing legal muscle (but not very serious, no recommande, nothing in contract that would put us in bad place) indeed

    3rd floor lost, but the guy who is fixing the top floor for the owner told us he was going to kick us out he doesn't have any right to do that

    when we confronted hi he tld us the kitchen was next 

    we NEED to move SOON.  

    our contract ends september 

    relation is quite good  actually, but both parties looking forward to parting ways

    contract finishes: august/sept  2015 (opzeg 1month)

    Looking for a new spot


    Cureghem St. space

    Moving strategy

    Voting: everyone but 2 no-vote and 1 people against

    Stuff we need to care about

    Is owner ok with Hackerspace ?

    People coming in at night (entering 24/7)

    smokers on the terrace at night 

    1-2 times a year - social event

    Check wall humidity

    How long can we stay ?

    Heavy works at night?

    Ask for few days to look at contract


    Bookkeeping 2014 > approved


    How come it was so low ?


    lots of crap 


    How to fix it ?

    Clean Space Policy

    What process can we setup to keep the space clean ?

    Clean the space automatically 5 minutes when you come in and try to clean your space when you leave + some extra > done

    If you ever have to leave a mess behind you, post a mail on the ML with a photo on it

    -> Take responsability for your mess

    If you find a mess that has not been posted on the ML, post it on the ML to remind people responsible for it about it

    Either ask what to do with the mess on the ML or get rid of it

    If you put it back where it should be, explain that on the ML

Problem solved move along :)

    Membership fees

    Give whatever you feel right (min 15€/mo for low-income/student/..., stating explicitly that 25€ are required to cover fixed costs)

    Encourage voluntary increase (required ammount for membership stays 15 euro, but if you can please donate X) 

    Cheaper supporter membership with no key ? -> no (whats the point) 

    "key-money" (aka having a key= X) (i think this is a bad idea, but shuld be discussed) 

    (requirerd?) Donation for non-members to participate to workshops ? -> voluntary

    Extra 'core member' membership fee for gadgets (email @hsbxl, VM in the space, ...) -> no (we dont have the resources 

    Membership payment tracking

    Ugo comits to work on it with Askarel

    Revoke keys if not paid and send a mail explaining there why revoked (future | aska)

    yearly membership to be paid before 31st January with a "communication" string in the payment

    Suggestion to improve accounting on memberships

    Individual balance per member (handle delays/advances, etc)

    Show green/red color next to member logos in the space? (aka no name, not on the net) => NO to public shaming 

    publishing who is behind payments?  => NO to public shaming 

    Have a public and anonymous barometer/thermometer on the website with the amount missing to break-even for the current month (grreat idea, wildo)

    Askarel + Ugo provide API, whoever (Wouter) plays with it

    Membership for organizations (instead of paying rent)? 

    Can compagnies / associations use the space ?

    At which conditions ?

    at what amount 

    should they have keys?

    => the board can set condition 

    Non voting but paying members with a key --> yes

    Plans for the future

    Statutes amendments

    Add study of radio spectrum -> have a HAM club license (already OKed last year) -> to be added to statutes

    Add clause: a board member not showing up for 3 months is automatically resigning from his position (then replaced by whom ??? changing the statutes are not cheap and fast ... being a board member is a responsability, and should be enforced/remembered, not automatically disqualified... )

    reference-addresses for 'digital nomads'

    they need to be paying members of the space 

    Board member or mandated person should accompany the company maker

    <further read/>

    Reference addresses for 'digital nomads' : Apollo "mobile hackerspace" // freenode #apollo

    See statutes of following non-profits (

    De8 (

    'Daarnaast stelt de8 zich tot doel de belangen van de nomadische woonwagenbewoonboorders, in het bijzonder deze van de rondtrekkende Rom-zigeuners, te behartigen.

    Mensen van de weg (

    Keree Amende (

    Pater Bob uit Leuven (



Election of new board
> olm-e is willing to resign as board member, not being enough at the space .... can't make it today (sick with a flu)

    Election of new board

    Candidate  members of the board 





    Resignations: olm-e is willing to resign as board member, not being enough at the space .... 

    Support but not in statutes

    nino is backup board member