General Assembly 12

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General Assembly 12
Sat 24 Mar 2018 14:00
till Sat 24 Mar 2018 0:00
HSBXL Brussels,Belgium

Agenda / notes on: << LIVE


Previous GA


[1] ack bookkeeping 2017

[2] ack board for done year

[3] vote new board

[4] present budget expectations for the next year

[5] varia

  • current space; infrastructure, contractual status
  • HTH << LIVE


  • mowzes
  • michael
  • vincent
  • ptr (not paying membership, so not a member)
  • ugo
  • jurgen
  • stefan
  • nino
  • anita
  • lenart
  • wouter
  • johnny
  • fred
  • anita

[1] Bookkeeping of 2017[edit]

Bank account balances:

    * Current: € 4607
  • 2017 January: € 1885
  • 2018 January: € 3190
    • some time ago we weren't making it >> still bleeding every month
      • surviving thanks to lump income sum like bytenight << incorrect, see beneath
  • Fixed costs: rent 850€ + gaz 120€ /month
  • Membership income 2017 665€ / month
  • Income from Fridge: ~270-320€ / month

2018 Membership income so far: 605 - 615€ / month

Corporate sponsored membership[edit]

=> vincent will look into Business membership: Can companies and self-employed people donate to the space and/or pay membership with an invoice. What about VAT ? How much can be deduced ? Can it be paid annually ? Can people be part of the board and their business/self-employment still pay ?

Michael will send an email to members not paying the membership amount.

[2] ack board for done year[edit]

Members present acknolwdged that the board did a good job in 2017.

board was:

   * vincent 
   * fred
   * ugo 
   * tom 

[3] vote new board[edit]

New board applying:

   * Fred
   * Tom
   * Stefan
   * Nino
   * Wouter

All members present vote this board. Ugo is stepped down from the board, as announced in the end of 2017.

The new board is made of 5 people (It was four).

[4] present budget expectations for the next year[edit]

Current plans are to continue the same way.

In May we will know if the space can stay in the same place or not. It would make sense for the space to be more proactive to search for a new location.

[4.5] Contract status[edit]

  • Prolongation will be signed next week ( Till december) (week 13)
  • Tom put pressure on the YourEden immo middleman > 3 years or we're gone > region will come back to us in May
  • Try to use the upcoming elections to get some cheaper space / rent

[5] Varia[edit]

Sleep in the space[edit]

  • What about Fosdem hotel ? => Let's not do it again. Voted by all members present.
  • What about occasionally when it's late ? Forbidden to be added in the house rules.
  • We will put signs that say "STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO SLEEP IN THE SPACE"
  • We will print the house patterns and put them on the wall near the entrance.
  • we will put some smoke detectors thru-out the space

3D printer[edit]

  • Status 3D-printers / estimated repair time / further parts needed? Costs?
    • wouter will have these answers after tuesday


  • Which workshops to plan / what is demanded at this time ?
    • Lenart would like to organise a combination of workshop-lecture series on analog signal processing electronics somewhere this spring.
  • Ugo will restart his open Python Sundays afternoons: once a month, 14h-19h
  • Aska wants to oranise a workshop on LDAP
  • Electronics workshop: Introduction and how to use the HSBXL lab: Askarel can do two evening workshops
  • Wouter will organise a "how to solder" workshop every 2 months
  • Stefan will give an OpenBSD workshop
  • Jurgen will give a workshop "Introduction to metasploit"
  • Jean-Georges will give an introduction to Kicad (PCB design)
  • Ugo will give a workshop on putting fucking LEDs on bikes -
    • Can be joined with the Soldering workshops of Wouter
    • Vincent knows someone how used the bike generators to do that, will contact him
  • Jonny will do events on Regular Expressions (Regex)
  • mowzes will organise a workshop on 3d modeling

People to contact / potential opportunities:

  • Blender workshop? Can we relaunch Zipion ? Jurgen will contact him.
  • Ugo will contact the guy who gave a lockpicking workshop last time.
  • x is interested in drones.
  • wouter will try to organise a intro to AWS

Lenart will do a donation jar to be located on the way to the exit.

  • idea = to do a workshop "introduction to electronics-workshop that also functions as an intro to the electronics lab

Pro: it disturbs the social aspect of the meetings. Con: it makes small milling jobs difficult we will move the noisy things to the front of the room, then the back room will be more silent People working on the restructuring of the space: Vincent, Askarel Who should help: everyone who wants to be able to make noise at random moments, people who want silence in the space at random moments Target: around Christmas we would like to have the space reordered

Vending machine: Askarel thinks it could be used in ~2 months.

HTH hack the hackerspace[edit]

  • Definition / function? Relation with / towards board? Decision rights?
    • From the previous GA11

{ Integrate at hsbxl we will organise some workshops on this, and try to make our own fork Wouter will start these sessions on the weekend somewhere around mid January }

  • Decision model remains te same > small things ok if reasonable, for bigger stuff > announce on the mailinglist

overview Amazon account usage - Tom?[edit]

  • Most is turning on free tier
  • Only have used about 20$ of the 2k
    • Ptt is running @ UK friend
    • Need to check if this remains free in the second year
    • Non profits get some goodies
    • Fuck Amazon | No personal data of the users on there | Don't encourage people to use amazon

Fire insurance status[edit]

  • All is paid
  • Need a list of all stuff we want insured
    • Let's not make this list publicly available
    • we can do this in LDAP

overview of current e-mail list aliases[edit]

members at hsbxl dot be - all current members (LDAP) board at hsbxl dot be - Board members (LDAP) finance at hsbxl dot be - members involved in financial stuff


  • Where to install it?
    • Downwards of the stairway to heaven

Next GA[edit]

  • Octobre 6th 2018 2pm

(changed originally planned date, due to a hack-event in kortrijk )