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Brussels WordPress Meetup
Thu 14 Dec 2017 18:30
till Thu 14 Dec 2017 20:45
Build your WordPress Theme from scratch + Helpdesk
HSBXL Brussels,Belgium

RVSP please @

Hello WordPress user,

You know already how to quickly assemble a WordPress website. Installing a theme and a few plugins and you are off. If you don't know yet, it's like 1-2-3. :)

Build your own WordPress theme But what if your website grows? What if the original theme doesn't fit your requirements anymore or the developer of the theme simply bought its island and disappears?

Genesis Framework[edit]

With the Genesis Framework ( ) you can build your WordPress Theme from scratch. You have like 100% freedom to construct your Design and UX, your own long lasting WordPress Theme

Let's dive into this Genesis Framework and get some first insights.

For who?[edit]

1/ For you, non-developer > understand the (dis)advantages between a custom theme and a bought theme and take the right decision for your project that you let execute by a developer/designer for example 2/ For you aspiring developer > you want to jump to a next level and start coding yourself a theme (css, js, php) 3/ For you developer > you just want to learn knowing the Genesis framework. Or you know it already. You use it already? Come over and show off what u made with.


Like last Meetup, bring your problems you currently have with your project and ask if someone knows a solution for your problem. Or just bring your WordPress website and show what u constructed with! Tell us your how-to secrets!

Just to repeat. The 5 euro we ask is for a free drink and the free space we are allowed to use!

Cu next week! Kristof

RVSP please @