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 Techtuesdays are a social meet-up sort of thing, just walk in for a talk, 
 club-mate, latest news, or to show off your latest pet-project.  
 ... or you can always stay home and read slashdot.
tuesday meeting
Tue 31 Oct 2017 19:00


HSBXL Hackerspace Brussels


  • Call for a General Assembly
    • last meeting nov 2016
    • to be good, we should have one within 3 months of closing bookkeeping
    • before CCC (end of dec)
    • gust proposes to do in the weekend, as meeting can run till late at night
    • gust proposes saturday 2nd of december
    • betz proposes to do discussions during the day
    • start in the afternoon 14h
    • Agenda points draft:
  • space angels
    • Tasks
      • Regurly check if everything is OK, organised.
      • Are all things needed for this available?
      • Order if needed (first propose on a techtuesday)
      • be a contact point
    • Angels:
      • 3D printing / CNC (wouter)
      • Hardcorner (greg)
      • Electronics Lab (aska)
      • Kitchen / Food / Drinks (michiel will do inventory and update shopping list wiki)
      • Toilet (betz)
      • Finances (askarel, betz)
    • please find your corner you want to take care for..
  • bancontact app & payments / kbc P.O.S. ; payconyq
  • powertoolracing still on ? nope for hsbxl team
  • fosdem ? forget fosdem, first congress


HTH 3 roles the core-group full group of members individual

each responsability you take up, comes with the full power to decide how to run eg. if you're paying the bills, you get to decide the price of drinks & membership