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 Techtuesdays are a social meet-up sort of thing, just walk in for a talk, 
 club-mate, latest news, or to show off your latest pet-project.  
 ... or you can always stay home and read slashdot.
tuesday meeting
Tue 22 Aug 2017 19:00


HSBXL Hackerspace Brussels


  • What is, how is HSBXL related?
    • embassy is en umbrella orga for the belgian spaces and fablabs
    • FTM we just started an inventory, spaces are free to put on stuff they want, with the rules they want
    • this saturday will be the first meeting to start the embassy VZW/ASBL, please come over and help it shape
  • inventory @ the embassy -> should this be usable at the space or should they be lendable?
  • Milling bits, usage and ordering
    • one bit was with the machine, we need more, and bits for the shop
    • for the shop, do not buy them where inventables, too expensive
    • we have some good pieces now, not for the shop, just to use ourselves
    • mowzes will investigate
  • Socialware - we are approved. Amazon AWS credits worth 2000$ valid for one year, we pay 160 euro
  • => on hal9000
  • Wiki: Max upload size is 2M, we need moar!
    • easy fix, will be fixed. --> DONE
  • Email adress >
    • it already exists, need to check --> DONE
  • broken and need fixed:
    • Column drill
    • Bandsaw (need a spare band)
    • lets send a public mail asking to fix stuff
  • ABS filament is getting low .. should we order more?
    • shop 3Dninja is cheap, wtr is ordering stuff
    • also PLA
    • interesting to do a group buy? stuff for the embasy?
  • account. Want to add 'SFD', but our paying membership has expired. 6 months for $29.94.
    • aska will use his cc
  • HSBXL-PUBLIC is not working
    • aska will have a look --> Tricky. To look at during calmer times (The wifi controller reboots all APs when you change settings)
  • We need angels again at the space
    • tom: toilets
    • wouter: 3d printers
    • askarel: budget, fridge