The Gate

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The Gate
New router for HSB with a lot of headroom.
Moving bits in and out, in bulk.
User:Askarel, User:Wouter

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What is it ?[edit]

Our core router/firewall, with some processing headroom.

Could we use an embedded platform like a WRT54G ?[edit]

The embedded platforms usually have very limited resources (low flash, low RAM, slow CPU) or have some missing hardware (RTC, USB, parallel/serial port). For example, In the case of the WRT54G, you need to choose between IPv6 tunnel and an OpenVPN platform. The device can't do both, you will need to stack several of those to reach your goal.

Furthermore, given the number of hosts we have during workshops, the embedded platform simply croaks under the load. Also, having a transparent proxy for HSB would be nice to speed things up for the visitors.

Services that currently run on the machine[edit]

  • Internet gateway
  • IPv6 tunnel/gateway
  • Pamela scanner
  • PXE/Netboot machine (tftp)
  • DN42 gateway
  • VPN endpoint (ipsec/openvpn)
  • DNS/DHCP/NTP server
  • OSPF node
  • Firewall


  • RADIUS server
  • LDAP slave

Software part[edit]

This machine runs debian.


The Gate/setup

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