First Aid Kit

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First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit
Fixing hackers: when the hack bites back.

Sometimes we're working real material with real tools, with real physical power or with pretty high heat. Someday, something might go wrong and someone might need to be taken care of.

Current status[edit]

We have a small box with basic items:

  • Wound cleaning spray (Cedixidin) expiry date: 01/2016
  • Burn gel (Sedotec) expiry date: 08/2010
  • pre-cut band-aid, expiry date: 12/2014
  • Uncut Band-aid, expiry date: 10/2014
  • Arnican to reduce swelling in case of bruise, expiry date: 09/2014
  • bandage
  • flammazine for burn, expiry date: 06/2014
  • Tweezers, for removing splinters

We still need to find a suitable location for the box.


  • Make a list of potentially useful items (disinfectant, band-aids, tweezers,...)
  • Track usage, content and expiration dates
  • Make/buy a nice box with explicit marking
  • Put the whole thing in an easy-to-reach and visible spot


First aid kit contents (CSST) and some suggestions

We can just buy one

Include the following in each of your first-aid kits:

  • first-aid manual
  • sterile gauze
  • adhesive tape
  • adhesive bandages in several sizes
  • elastic bandage
  • antiseptic wipes
  • soap
  • antibiotic cream (triple-antibiotic ointment)
  • antiseptic solution (like hydrogen peroxide)
  • hydrocortisone cream (1%)
  • acetaminophen and ibuprofen
  • extra prescription medications (if the family is going on vacation)
  • tweezers
  • sharp scissors
  • safety pins
  • disposable instant cold packs
  • calamine lotion
  • alcohol wipes or ethyl alcohol
  • thermometer
  • plastic gloves (at least 2 pairs)
  • flashlight and extra batteries
  • mouthpiece for administering CPR (can be obtained from your local Red Cross)
  • your list of emergency phone numbers
  • blanket (stored nearby)

After you've stocked your first-aid kits:

  • Read the entire first-aid manual so you'll understand how to use the contents of your kits. (If your children are old enough to understand, review the manuals with them as well.)
  • Store first-aid kits in places that are out of children's reach but easily accessible for adults.
  • Check the kits regularly. Replace missing items or medicines that may have expired