Arduino workshop with Mitch Altman

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Arduino workshop with Mitch Altman
Sun 02 Dec 2012 14:00
till Sun 02 Dec 2012 16:30
Variety of kits workshop
Yet another Hsb Meetup!
HSB Brussels,Belgium
varying between €10 and €30 (buy hardware)
Mitch Altman, Jurgen


Opening the space around noon, closing at 20h or something. Find the door here : Location.


30 persons have already registered. Registration is closed. Feel free to hop in on another occasion if you want to visit our hackerspace. Have a look at an event in another hackerspace with Mitch if you want him to teach you...

What's it about?[edit]

Variety of kits workshop. Mitch Altman gives an intro, shows all kits available for people to make, teaches people to solder, and helps everyone finish their kit. Kits include:

  • TV-B-Gone (turn off any TV in public places!)
  • Diavolino (make your own shield-compatible Arduino!)
  • OpenHeart (animate fun patterns in the shape of a heart!)
  • LoL Shield (Lots of LEDs! for your Arduino!)
  • "Hi My Name Is" badge (a geeky way to share your name)
  • Brain Machine (Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out!)
  • Mignonette Game (build your own handheld game console!)
  • Trippy RGB Waves (interactive blinky lights!)
  • LEDcube (animated 3D cube of LEDs!)
  • MiniPOV (write messages in the air!)
  • BoArduino (make your own fully functional Arduino -- for solderless breadboards!)
  • Atari Punk Console (Make noise!)
  • Microcontroller programmer (USBtinyISP) -- (program all your AVR family chips!)

More info on this: Time: about 2.5 hours (plus about 1 hour of setup and 1 hour of cleanup)

Max # participants: 30 (for each participant we need 1 soldering iron with stand and sponge, 1 small wire cutters, AC outlet, chair, table space, 60/40 (Sn/Pb) rosin core ~.8mm diameter solder)

As we don't have that number of soldering irons in our space... people need to bring their own soldering iron - or beg one from someone else...

When is it?[edit]

Dec 2nd .. we start at 14:00 and should be done arund 16:30

Soldering irons[edit]

please mark with your name if you want to borrow one

from Jurgen

  • a few from some teachers at TechnOV who leant it
  • a bunch of the school (TechnOV - basic models) that can be bought (€7)

from Wouter